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Inclusive Education Workshop at Inclusion Alberta’s Annual Conference

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IA_ConferenceThe annual Inclusion Alberta Family Conference will be taking place at the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, AB, on April 8 – 9, 2016.

This year, the conference will feature a workshop on inclusive education, titled “The Future of Inclusive Education: From Policy to Practice”, hosted by Roger Slee, PhD, Chair of Education, University of South Australia; Founding Editor, International Journal of Inclusive Education; and Chair, Board of Directors, Children with Disability Australia.

Inclusive education has been incorporated into government education policy around the world, including Alberta. Key international organizations have declared their commitment to “Education for All” and the principles and practice of inclusive education. However inclusive education remains hotly contested and generates intense debate amongst teachers, parents, researchers and policy-makers. People continue to argue over the nature and extent of inclusion even after 45 years of inclusive education in Canada.

Roger will share how continuing to think in terms of regular or special education obstructs progress towards inclusive education. He will describe an approach to a future of ‘education for all’ that engages policy makers, teachers, school leaders, parents and students. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the foundations of exclusion, the division between special and regular education, and school reform as a precondition for more inclusive schooling in the future. Schooling ought to be an apprenticeship in equity and equality, of which inclusion is a prerequisite.