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Teachers Helping Teachers

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Schools that successfully include all students must employ a range of strategies and techniques so teachers can receive the support they need. Making inclusion a success in schools and classrooms is challenging work. A critical dimension of this effort is to create open, productive, collaborative consultation among educators.The collective knowledge of teachers in a school is a resource that can be easily overlooked. The Teachers Helping Teachers model is a practical way to tap into that knowledge and experience and use it to benefit individual teachers and their students. Identifying and effectively dealing with problems provides a path to success.

The Teachers Helping Teachers package includes the following:

  • A short animated video that explains the model;
  • A THT Manual with detailed instruction on the process, including team roles and forms that support the process;
  • A PowerPoint presentation that provides an orientation to the video and manual.

Teachers Helping Teachers: 30-Minute Team Problem-Solving Process

This video is also available in French and Spanish.

Teachers Helping Teachers: Manual


Download the manual here.

Teachers Helping Teachers: Powerpoint


Download the powerpoint here.