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Puppet Troupe Educates People About Disability Issues

PuppetTroupe1The Saskatchewan Association for Community Living (SACL) is celebrating another successful year of spreading the message of inclusion to schools, daycares, camps, and other organizations around Saskatchewan.

For more than two decades, the SACL has promoted awareness of disability issues through the educational puppet show Kids on the Block. The focus of Kids on the Block is to increase acceptance and appreciation of differences, which are central to our communities. Inclusive Education Through the use of 4-feet puppets, Kids on the Block is able to educate and dispel myths relating to individuals who have disabilities in a manner in which children can feel comfortable asking questions.

PuppetTroupe2“Kids on the Block plants a seed for parents and teachers to expand upon,” said Rachelle Hosak, the SACL’s Youth Coordinator. “Children hear the words ‘autism’ or ‘Down syndrome’ from the puppets and they bring the words home to ask questions about it.”

The Kids on the Block program is a 45-minute show that includes four skits about various disabilities and related issues. Children are introduced to topics such as visual impairment, spina bifida, Down syndrome, multiculturalism, abuse, muscular dystrophy, feelings, and other issues.

As one elementary teacher stated, “The presentation clearly gives a message of friendship and understanding peoples’ differences. Students have a better understanding of disabilities now.”

For additional information about the Kids on the Block program, or to book a Kids on the Block performance, please contact Rachelle Hosak at (306) 955-3344 or e-mail rachelle.hosak@sacl.org.