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Student Award

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Student Award Recipient

studentawardAlex Boudreau Grade 6 Student at École Abbey-Landry Memramcook

Sixth grader Alex Boudreau of Abbey-Landry School in Memramcook was recognized with the Student Award at NBACL’s Inclusive Education Awards Ceremony.

He was nominated by his teacher, Tanya Bellefleur, who wrote in his nomination, “Alex is a leader at school. His classmates respect him, and want to be his friend. Among his friends is a student in our class who has special needs. Alex knows this boy well. He takes note of what interests his friend and makes sure he asks him every morning how his evening or weekend was.”

Mme Bellefleur went on to describe the special efforts Alex makes to assure that a particular classmate with an intellectual disability is accommodated and included both inside and outside the classroom. “The way Alex defends and protects this student is most amazing,” she wrote.

According to Mme Bellefleur, Alex makes a special effort to spend time with his friend, inviting him to join his group in class, or joining his friend’s group. He has even passed up on participation in certain activities to spend time with this student.

“And not only does he help out this student,” Mme Bellefeur added, “He also helps another student who has great academic difficulties. He volunteers to help him with academic tasks and defends his rights, as well.

“He is certainly an inspiration and model for our class!”