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Early Learning & Childhood Award

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The Preschool Centre – Windsor St., Fredericton

earlychildhoodawardThe Efforts toward Inclusive Education Award in the early learning and childhood sector is presented to The Preschool Centre on Windsor Street in Fredericton. The Preschool Centre is a child care facility for children from six months to 12 years of age.

As nominator Marlene Munn put it, “The Centre is doing an excellent job of fostering a sense of family and belonging, not only with the children in the Centre, but also with the families.” Mrs. Munn’s 10-year-old daughter Aimee has been attending the Centre since March 2008.

“After seven weeks of trying to get Aimee into another after school program without success, the Preschool Centre was a dream,” Mrs. Munn recounted. “I called on Wednesday and Aimee started on Monday. She was welcomed with open arms. The Centre’s administration even looked after hiring a TA and getting the necessary funding in place. This was a big burden lifted from our shoulders.

“All the teachers and administration at the Preschool Centre work to ensure inclusion for all children. All children are treated with respect and are encouraged to treat each other with respect.”