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PEI Minister of Education

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PEI Minister of Education Salutes Educators for Inclusion Work

Prince Edward Island Association for Community LivinPEI Ministerg was pleased to take part in Inclusive Education Week in February 2011. The association was encouraged by the high caliber of educators who were nominated for the inclusion awards. Five inclusive education awards were presented on February 18 by Hon. Doug Currie, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development.

The following are some of the testimonials for these deserving award recipients:

Rebecca Knauff, Rainbow Daycare: “Rebecca is a strong advocate for not only children with autism, but all children. She has a gift for teaching and remarkable insight into the multifaceted learning styles of children with autism.”

Marcia Pridham, Resource Teacher, Westisle Composite High School: “Marcia has worked hard at bringing non resource-based students into the Resource Room and has helped resource-based students to join the larger community. She is a one of a kind teacher.”

Alanagh MacDougall, Parkdale Sherwood Headstart: “Alanagh adapts activities so that everyone can participate. Alanagh’s adaptations are invisible; designed to never draw attention; they are “all in the run of daily activities.”

Rachelle Gauthier, Principal, Ecole St. Augustin and Dream Team: “ When a young student with autism entered grade one in this small Francophone school, rachelle and her team welcomed him and they have maintained a community of caring ever since. Principal Gauthier often volunteered to provide support during recess and helped her student learn new social skills during play”

Kevin Stonefield, Principal, Montague Intermediate School: (as written by present and former students and parents): “He cares about where all students go after intermediate and tries to keep in touch with everyone. “ His door is always open. He has the type of leadership qualities where he leads by example rather than authority.”

There has been great progress made in PEI with Inclusive Education in the last few years. However there is much more to do and recognizing these educators strengthens that effort. PEI ACL collaborates with Education Partners on best practices and together they promote full community participation.