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Briefs, Guides, and Other Resources

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Thinking Tank – What Does Inclusive Education Need to Thrive?

Anne Jordan

CACL Has a New Parent Brochure on Inclusive Education

CACL Inclusive Education Brochure

Definition of Inclusive Education

Including Students with Exceptionalities – What Works

Manitoba Resource on Transition

Puppet Troupe Educates People About Disability Issues

Research Study Results

Researching Change Stratagies

School Improvement

Sharing Success

The Roles and Responsibilities of Teacher Assistants

Tim Loreman

Toronto Educator Studies Key Issue

Transition – Top Ten Questions

Yukon Program Supports Inclusion and More

The Book on Inclusive Education Inclusion: School as a Caring Community

Inclusion Press International & The Marsha Forest Centre

Michael Giangreco’s Website – University of Vermont – Center of Disability and Community Inclusion

A List of Books on Inclusive Practices

Kentucky’s Classrooms: Everyone’s Welcome – A Practical Guide to Learning and Living Together Table of Contents

Promoting Inclusive Education Across Canada – New Brunswick Association for Community Living

UNESCO – Understanding and Responding to Children’s Needs in Inclusive Classrooms: A Guide for Teachers
• See Also: http://www.msde.state.md.us/SpecialEducation/AllInclusive.pdf

Creating an Inclusive School
•Edited by Richard A. Villa and Jacqueline S. Thousand – Chapter 1: What is an Inclusive School? by Mary A. Falvey, Christine C. Givner and Christina Kimm

Project Participate
• Success stories and practical solutions to enhance learning, teaching, and the full inclusion of students with disabilities in the classroom.
• See also: http://www.projectparticipate.org/handoutsforms.asp

Renaissance Group
• A consortium of universities noted for their teacher education programs and working to reform teacher education.
• See also: www.uni.edu/coe/inclusion/strategies

Teaching to Diversity
• A joint project of British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) Research, Special Education Association, Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association and English as a Second Language Provincial Specialist Association.

Prince Edward Island Association for Community Living
• Inclusive schooling is a vital factor in preparing students with intellectual disabilities for a life in their community.
• The Association held a preliminary meeting on Sat. September 11, 2004 to bring various stakeholders together to discuss the progress in P.E.I.
• The resulting report – Discussion Results: Consultation on the Status of Inclusive Education in Prince Edward Island – summarizes the discussion of the participants and highlight some of the issues that were identified.

Quebec Website – Provides Resources and Information for Inclusion
• I-LRN is one of five resource centres of the Quebec Inclusive Education Service (IES). I-LRN is designed to help English School Boards develop
effective service frameworks for students with learning difficulties.
• I-LRN is coordinated by Lynn Senecal, Ph.D., Educational Psycologist.
• Customer Service/Order Inquires: Phone: 514-973-4784 / Email: learning_resources@videotron.ca