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What it takes

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What it takes to make Inclusive Education work

Video clips from a variety of people with different perspectives on what it takes to make inclusive education work. Professors, Teachers, Parents, Advocates and More. Watch all 29 videos in the playlist below, or select an individual video to watch, and hear what they have to say to make Inclusive Education work

Anne Kresta Bendina Miller Bernhard Schmid Brenda Campbell Brenda Smylie Brian Kelly Cindy Finn Cindy FrostadDiane Richler Donna Wolbourne Dr. Vianne Timmons Felicity Armstrong Gordon Porter Ines Escallon Jody Carr Karen Zey Krista Carr Kristina Appleby Lisa Gallagher Len Barton Marlene Munn Melanie Thomas Michael Bach Roger Slee Shelley Payne Sue Swenson Trish Grant Wayne Clements Zuhy Sayeed