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Elementary Education Award

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Elementary Education Award Recipients

École Sainte-Anne, Fredericton

elementary award

Photo: Left – Nancy Béland, Right – Chantal Brochu

Chantal Brochu
Teacher’s Aide,
École Sainte-Anne, Fredericton

An Efforts toward Inclusive Education Award in the elementary education category was presented to Chantal Brochu, a teacher’s aide at École Sainte-Anne in Fredericton.

Mme Brochu was recognized for the exceptional work she does with all students, and most particularly with the one for whom she has special responsibility. According to her nominators, Mme Brochu is open to all questions and concerns expressed by the classmates of her student and she involves all classmates in helping to include that student. As a result, Mme Brochu’s student is well accepted and very happy in her school environment.

“It is easy to say that Chantal always gives 100 per cent for her students,” said her nominator, Véronique Arseneault, resource teacher at École Sainte-Anne. “She is a gem of a teacher’s aide!”

Nancy Béland
Physical Education Teacher,
École Sainte-Anne, Fredericton

Nancy Béland also received an Efforts toward Inclusive Education Award in the elementary education category.

A physical education teacher, Mme Béland strives to include all her students at École Sainte-Anne in her class activities. As illustrated by her nominators, who cited many examples of Mme Béland’s concern for all of her students, this requires creativity and flexibility, as well as complete dedication to the philosophy of inclusion.

Some illustrations of Mme Béland’s dedication to inclusion include her request for a paved path to the playground area to make wheelchair passage easier, or a request for permisision to bring a wheelchair onto the soccer pitch.

“Mme Nancy is a leader of inclusive education,” said one of her the nominators, colleague Véronique Arseneault.