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Inclusive School

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Former MP Leads Inclusive School


Principal Guy Arsenault and his staff at LE Reinsborough School in Dalhousie, N.B. were awarded the Inclusive School Team Award by NBACL and CACL. The citation read at the ceremony reads as follows:

Many parents who are about to send their children off to their first day of school are often faced with the fear of the unknown. What will happen when my child goes to school? Will he be safe, will he be included? Will he be accepted by his peers? Will he be supported when he is faced with challenges? Will he be challenged to do his best?

Crystal Payne, a mother of a student who attends LE Reinsborough School in Dalhousie, New Brunswick was also faced with these questions. Her son, Keagan who has a disability, requires specialized supports. This was an added concern to Crystal as she says in her nomination form, “For most parents, you are certain that there is no one on this earth that will care for and protect your child the way you do.” Thanks to the staff at LE Reinsborough School, Crystal soon discovered that eight year old Keagan, who is now in grade two, was in capable and caring hands.

Crystal credits the teachers and principal, Guy Arsenault with being committed to teaching all children while fostering in them a sense of self-esteem and pride and celebrating their successes. Working together with the parents, paraprofessionals and outside support staff is vital to ensuring that a student is well supported in reaching their full potential. Keagan’s teachers were very receptive to recommendations by his pediatric rehabilitation team and used some of the techniques they learned to support him in his learning. At the beginning of each school year, Keagan’s teacher, teacher assistants, specialists and therapists meet to discuss ways to provide him with the best possible support.

Because of the welcoming and supportive environment at LE Reinsborough School, Keagan loves school and enjoys being with his peers. He attends school outings and participates in special events from concerts to fund-raising.

“I believe that every child, no matter their ability, has the right to be treated with respect, the right to an education and the absolute right to enjoy successes along the way. From my son’s very first day at school over three years ago, our family has been treated with dignity respect and value, in my opinion some of the most important things that can be afforded a family.”

It is for this that the Mr. Guy Arsenault and the team at LE Reinsborough School have received the National Inclusive Education Award.