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Inclusive Education Award

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NLACL Awards two Schools and One Individual with the 2011 Inclusive Education Award

Award to Memorial Academy in Botwood, Newfoundland

NLACL5Inclusive EducationInclusive Education is about how we develop our learning environments-schools, classrooms, programs and activities so that all students learn and participate together. It is based on the firm belief that all students have value and can best learn in regular classrooms, alongside students their own age. Inclusion means that our schools help develop positive relationships and mutual respect between all students.

On April 19 Memorial Academy in Botwood was awarded with the Inclusive Education award, a national award from the Canadian Association for Community Living.

NLACL4Examples of inclusive practices that happen at Memorial Academy are:

• All students are assigned and attend a regular homeroom
• Providing a late bus run three afternoons a week to allow students the opportunity to participate in organized activities
• Hosting a breakfast program every day
• Attempting to maximize the use of technology and assistive devices to promote independent learningInclusive Education
• Believing and practicing that “one size does not fit all” because children do learn differently
• Understanding that all students are the responsibility of the regular classroom but that working together is essential for the student’s growth
• Having a well-resourced literacy room to assist teachers
• The stay after 3 pm program for teacher’s professional development
• Engaging families in the grade three quilters day and the grade four grandparents day

Clarenville Middle School Principal Craig Pardy Gets Inclusion Award

NLACL3Inclusive EducationOn May 13 Craig Pardy the principal for Clarenville Middle School was awarded with the Inclusive Education award. It was very evident by the application that Mr. Pardy understands the meaning of inclusion. To turn the concept of inclusion into reality takes a tremendous amount of effort, dedication and cooperation by all staff and students but most important it takes a very strong leader. Mr. Craig Pardy is such a leader.

Examples of inclusive practices that happen at Clarenville Middle School, under the direction of Principal Mr. Craig Pardy are:

NLACL2• Based on the needs of the child, children are grouped with their peers.
• He constantly challenges himself and the staff to review their practices to ensure that Clarenville Middle School is doing the best that they can for all students. The motto “Where Children Come First” is evident of this.
• High expectations are defined relative to the individual students’ capabilities and exceptionalities.
• He believes that all children can achieve and that success is their greatesInclusive Educationt motivator.
• He believes in the uniqueness of each student who attends this school.
• He has promoted the practices of Differentiated Instruction, encouraged staff to become well versed in these practices and provided teachers with professional development opportunities.
• He has embraced the concepts of co-teaching and creative scheduling thus capitalizing on the skill set of individual teachers, encouraging one teacher to be very innovative when it comes to developing practical and interesting science labs. These labs are successful at broadening the students’ understanding, in a hands-on way, as to how these subject areas relate to everyday life.
• Mr. Pardy is committed to the journey of Inclusive Education.

Lawn, Newfoundland School – Holy Name of Mary Academy – Receives Inclusive Education Award

NLACL1On June 1 Holy Name of Mary Academy in Lawn was presented the Inclusive Education award.

Examples of inclusive practices that happen at Holy Name of Mary Academy are:

• All students are given the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities
• Students are supported to learn alongside their peers, in the classroom
• Teachers are provided collaboration time during school hours to plan lessons
• Strategies such as differentiated instruction and co-teaching are being implemented
NLACL• Expectations of students are high and they are encouraged to work towards an academic program which broadens their opportunities for the future
• Guided reading, literature circles, small group instruction, flexible instructional resource teacher scheduling, combining classes and collaboration on tasks are just some of the strategies being used here
• Bullying presentations, classes on stereotypes, gossip-free zone posters and active Inclusive Educationlearning activities such as math bowling and identity chairs have contributed to the enhancement of an inclusive school environment

The Newfoundland and Labrador Association for Community Living, by presenting Botwood Memorial Academy, Holy Name of Mary Academy and Craig Pardy with the 2011 Inclusive Education Award believes that they will continue to make the school community a place where all are accepted and valued members