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Chilliwack Teacher Recognized

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Chilliwack Teacher Recognized with National Inclusive Education Award

Glenda Gaudette A learning assistance teacher at Sardis Secondary School in Chilliwack will be receiving a National Inclusive Education award from the CACL and the British Columbia Association for Community Living. She is being commended for her role in promoting a culture of inclusion at the school, while ensuring that students with special needs have full access to all courses with the support they need.

Ms. Gaudette has been recognized as part of National Inclusive Education Month, celebrated during February 2011 across Canada.

Ms. Gaudette’s collaborative team approach includes the participation of the school as a whole: students, parents, teachers, administrators and district staff. Rather than existing as a separate program, the Sardis learning assistance centre has promoted an inclusive, diverse culture of inclusion and friendship, supported by everyone at Sardis. Students with special needs are thus recognized for their abilities and have equal access to all classes and recreational activities, with the supports they need to succeed. Glenda Gaudette and Sardis Secondary are shining examples of how an entire school can come together and make inclusive education a reality. Congratulations Glenda and Sardis Secondary!