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Regional Meetings

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CACL Regional Consultation Reports – 2002-2004

Ontario Meeting #2 – 2004

Ontario Meeting #1 – 2003

Atlantic Regional Meeting – 2003

Saskatchewan Meeting – 2003

Western Regional Meeting – 2003
Two meetings took place at the University of Calgary in Alberta on March 13th and 14th, 2003 and were attended by representatives from Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.
Roeher Institute Report
CACL Report

Northern Meeting – 2004
From March 24-26, 2004 a forum was held in Whitehorse, Yukon to discuss the status of inclusive education in the three territories – the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Representatives from each area included families, educators, Ministry personnel as well as Zuhy Sayeed, President of CACL. Gordon Porter chaired the meeting. It became apparent from this consultation that, while challenges do exist, good examples and experiences have become clearly evident over the last decade. It is perhaps due to the fact that it is less political in the territories; there is more consensus and politicians are more accessible.