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Summer Leadership Academy in Inclusive Education 2006
Leading School and Classroom Strategies for Quality Inclusion
Enjoy 4 days of learning, sharing and discussion while attending a stimulating Institute on Inclusive Education. The Institute will be of interest to those actively involved in leadership in inclusive education or those looking for an opportunity to learn more about providing leadership in an inclusive educational setting. This will include:

  •     Education Leaders – School Principals and District Personnel
  •     Support and Resource Teachers
  •     Others in leadership positions

The development of inclusive educational practices has been a major feature and a major challenge for Canadian schools in recent years. At two complete four-day sessions in Toronto, Ontario and Charlottetown, PEI, resource people will offer their ideas on specific successful practices and participants will discuss, question and share their own experiences and strategies. A combination of activities will be included with emphasis on participation and building knowledge through sharing and analysis.

summleadershipToronto   July 4-7, 2006
University of Toronto, OISE Logo
In cooperation with The Ontario Institute for Studies in Edcation, University of Toronto


peileadershipCharlottetown   July 24-27, 2006
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In cooperation with The University of Prince Edward Island