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New reports on Special Education in Ontario
Brock University Professors issue report on “The Delivery of Education Services for Students Who Have An Intellectual Disability in The Province of Ontario” – commissioned by Community living Ontario. Sheila Bennett and Tiffany Gallagher. They conclude that “policy, protectionism, embedded practice and bureaucratic convenience” are major contributors to a system that continues to segregate and marginalize thousands of Ontario Students.

New Zealand Report Draws on International Trends in the Education of Students with Special education Needs
David Mitchell, a former Professor of Education at the University of Waikato in Hamilton New Zealand, and now with the College of Education, University of Canterbury completed the study in July 2010. It is called – Education that fits: Review of international trends in the education of students with special educational needs. The purpose of the review is to outline international trends in the education of students with special educational needs, with the aim of informing the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s review of special education.
For the full report, the website link is:

Inclusive Education Knowledge Exchange Initiative
Vianne Timmons and Maryam Wagner completed a very important report connecting inclusive education to parents sense of their child’s well-being. Many parents and advocates have made use of the report but it has not been as widely shared as it could be. Be sure to look at the report and download the full text as well as the executive summary – and share it with others. It has a strong message that needs to be heard.

NBACL Agrees With Report on Inclusive Education
The report is available on the New Brunswick Department of Education website at: www.gnb.ca/0000/publications/mackay/mackay-e.asp

British Study says – Schools need help with ‘special needs influx’
Schools in England need new teaching methods to deal with an influx of children with increasingly complex special needs, a report warns. The study says more disabled children are surviving to school age, and new conditions, such as foetal alcohol syndrome, bring a range of needs.
The press release on the report:
The full report:

New Brunswick Guideline on Accommodating Students with Disabilities
The NB Human Rights Commission has issued a guideline setting out the approach thecommission expects to be taken to deal with possible complaints under the Human Rights Code.


Defining a Rights Based Framework
Better Education For All
On September 25 – 27, 2008, the Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA) convened a National Forum on human rights and inclusive education in Toronto. The event was co-hosted by the Canadian Education Association, ARCH (a legal resource for persons with disabilities), the Canadian Association for Community Living(a national advocacy organization with a focus on the wellbeing and social inclusion of people with an intellectual disability), the Canadian Teachers’ Federation and Ryerson University.

 Inclusion International Issues Global Report on Inclusive Education
Better Education For All
Better Education for All: When We’re Included Too is a global report developed by Inclusion International and its members around the world to tell the story of our continued exclusion from education. This report documents information and analysis from parents, self-advocates, family based organizations in 75 countries about our experiences with inclusive education over the past 15 years since the adoption of the Salamanca Framework by UNESCO.

Brief on Systemic Barriers to Implementing Inclusive Education in New Brunswick
New Brunswick ACL releases “Brief on Systemic Barriers to Implementing Inclusive Education in New Brunswick” – a thorough analysis of issues that will be of interest to educators, parents and policy makers.

Canadian Teachers Federation Issues Conference Report
CACL has been working closely with the Canadian Teachers Federation over the past two years, and was involved in the November 2005 Conference as a follow-up to the 2004 CACL-sponsored National Summit on Inclusive Education.
View 2005 Conference Report
Visit www.CTF-FCE.ca for more information

Crucial Terms Final Report
The Marsha Forest Centre of Toronto recently released a report outlining the recommended terms to replace certain confusing or inaccurate terms currently being used to describe the special education and inclusive education approaches to teaching learners with disabilities.

Proceedings from the National Summit on Inclusive Education
The National Summit on Inclusive Education took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ottawa November 24-26, 2004. It brought together over 350 participants from across Canada, including educational professionals, families, government officials, young people, and representatives from teachers’ unions, the disability community and the voluntary sector. The Summit provided an opportunity for delegates to discuss key issues and challenges, share information and to identify directions and opportunities for future dialogue and action in support of inclusive education in Canada. Presentations and a summary of the proceedings are available on CACL’s website: www.cacl.ca/english/natconf/2004/conferencesummary.html

Changing Teaching Practices
UNESCO publication for Teachers

Education – Then, Now, and in the Future
Newfoundland and Labrador Association for Community Living March 28-29, 2006

The Salamanca Statement and Framework for Action on Special Needs Education
Salamanca Spain, June 10 1994

Salamanca Five Years On

Wrightslaw Articles
Inclusion International

International Special Education Congress 2000 –Including the Excluded
University of Manchester July 24-28 2000

Special Education Provisions within Changing Legislative and Political Frameworks in 7 Countries
Papers of note: Anne Jordan, University of Toronto, Canada

Values Teachers Find In Inclusive Education
Gary Bunch and Kevin Finnegan, York University, Canada

Case Studies on Inclusive Education

Overcoming Exclusion through Inclusive Approaches in Education: A Challenge and a Vision A Conceptual Paper

Students with Exceptional Learning Needs At-Risk Paper
Judy L. Lupart, University of Calgary

Inching Toward Inclusion: The Excellence/Equity Dilemma in our Schools
Judy L. Lupart, University of Calgary

Inclusion in Education: the Participation of Disabled Learners World Education Forum
UNESCO Thematic Studies

The Opportunity to Succeed: Achieving Barrier-free Education for Students with Disabilities
Ontario Human Rights Commission

Guidelines on Accessible Education
Ontario Human Rights Commission

Inclusion and Diversity in Education: Legal Accomplishments and Prospects for the Future
Wayne MacKay and Janet Burt-Gerrans

Inclusive Education Policy