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PRESS RELEASE: IEC Partners with Microsoft to Strengthen Inclusive Education


PRESS RELEASE: Inclusive Education Canada Partners with Microsoft to Strengthen Inclusive Education Through Accessible Technology

February 1, 2018

TORONTO – In celebration of National Inclusive Education Month in February, Inclusive Education Canada has partnered with Microsoft Canada for the 2nd year to provide free professional development workshops and resources for educators to help drive the most effective learning for students. The partnership highlights the commitment between both organizations to make learning more inclusive and accessible across Canada.

“Inclusive Education Canada is very excited to be partnering with Microsoft Canada on this important initiative. By giving teachers, administrators, parents, and students the knowledge and skills they need to make education equitable, we are creating stronger, more inclusive classrooms for everyone,” said Dr. Gordon L. Porter, Director of Inclusive Education Canada.

Research shows that all students learn better in inclusive classrooms. An inclusive education system teaches students the benefits of diversity, cooperation, and consideration of others whereas separate programs create barriers to opportunities for children to learn from, support, and develop relationships with one another.

Educators today are faced with the challenge of integrating technology into the classroom and teaching students of all learning styles and abilities within an inclusive environment, including students with an intellectual disability and other accessibility needs.

“The foundation of inclusive education is the belief that all students belong and are valued members of their classrooms and neighbourhood schools. Educators rely on instructional strategies and tools, such as technology, to foster an inclusive learning environment,” said Dr. Gabrielle Young, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Inclusive Education Canada Associate.

This month, educators from across Canada will be invited to attend free workshops across Canada in-store, online, or by request of teachers and parents, where they will be provided with hands-on training. Visit Microsoft IncludEd to find a inclusive education workshop near you. Educators will learn how built-in accessibility features in Microsoft devices can give teachers the opportunity to personalize student learning, providing students with an improved and more equitable experience in the classroom. Free webinars will also introduce and provide a live demonstration of specific tools available to help support the inclusive classroom.

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For more information please contact Agata Zieba, Senior Communications Officer, CACL/IEC at azieba@cacl.ca.

Inclusive Education Canada (IEC) is a national non-governmental organization committed to quality education for all students in inclusive schools and classrooms in Canadian schools.