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Research Paper: A Conceptual and Legal Framework for Inclusive Education

Conceptual and Legal Framwork on IE - Cover

Read: A Conceptual and Legal Framework for Inclusive Education

Jody Carr, a New Brunswick Legislator, and studying law at the University of New Brunswick. He has completed a research project on inclusive education law in Canada. The research was carried out in cooperation with ARCH Disability Law Centre, as well as Inclusive Education Canada.

Carr is a former Minister of Education (2010-2013) and Minister of Post-Secondary Education (2013-2014) in New Brunswick. He was the New Brunswick Minister of Education responsible for introducing Policy 322 on inclusive education that provided clarity on practice and procedures in New Brunswick schools. The policy was recognized in 2016 by UNESCO and the Zero Project as an international standard for inclusive education policy and received a Zero Project Conference 2016 award, at a ceremony in Vienna, Austria.

Jody Carr’s legal research paper, A Conceptual and Legal Framework for Inclusive Education, provides an analysis of the legal basis for inclusive education in Canada. It is a valuable addition to the research available on this important topic and will be of particular interest for the focus it provides on several jurisdictions in Canada.