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Director & Associates

Director – Dr. Gordon L. Porter

C.M., Director, Inclusive Education Canada, Researcher, Consultant, Trainer, Woodstock, NB

Angèla AuCoin

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Learning Sciences, Université de Moncton, Moncton, NB

Michael Bach

Executive Vice-President, Canadian Association for Community Living, Toronto, ON

Sheila Bennett

Professor and Chair of the Department of Teacher Education, Brock University, St. Catharines, ON

Marilyn Dolmage

Parent, Inclusive Education Advocate and Consultant, Toronto, ON

Tiffany Gallagher

Associate Professor of Education, Brock University, St. Catharines, ON

Isabel Killoran

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, York University, Toronto, ON

Anne Kresta

Managing Partner and Consultant, Education Solutions Manitoba and Parent Advocate, Winnipeg, MB

Tim Loreman

Professor, Faculty of Education at Concordia University College of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Zana Lutfiyya

Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Programs) and Professor of Education, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Donna McGhie-Richmond

Associate Professor of Education, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

Bendina Miller

Superintendent (Retired), Past-President, CACL, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC

Gillian Parekh

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council postdoctoral fellow, OISE, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Diane Richler

C.M., Past-President, Inclusion International, Toronto, ON

Jacqueline A. Specht

Associate Professor of Education, Director, Centre for Inclusive Education, University of Western Ontario, London, ON

Vianne Timmons

President, University of Regina and President-Elect, International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities, Regina, SK


Gabrielle Young

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL